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Hurricane Harvey's Visit to Beachtown

We, as the Beachtown family, extend our deepest thoughts and prayers to all of our fellow Texans that have been effected by Hurricane Harvey. As always, Texans will rise and will be stronger than before!

Having previously survived unscathed after being directly hit by Hurricane Ike, Beachtown once again faced and overcame the forces of nature (albeit not nearly as strong as those experienced in the Corpus Christi area). Harvey’s water surge and strong waves did not breach either of our two dune lines.

Our growing beaches also act as an environmentally friendly and effective line of defense against storm surges, with the naturally growing vegetation areas and multiline dune system protecting the community. Coupled with our community's Fortified construction requirements, Beachtown has been responsibly designed to better resist the forces of mother nature.

Click on the thumbnail above to view photos during and after Hurricane Harvey.

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