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Thank you Texas Society of Architects/AIA for joining

" It was an absolutely fabulous opportunity to see and experience the high quality of architecture being offered in Beachtown, in both the specific houses we toured as well as the overall development. There were a number of aspects of the tour that were memorable. The way the houses are designed to allude to the history of Galveston's architecture was quite striking. Also, is was educational for our attendees to hear about the many aspects of the construction that were designed to meet or exceed code requirements"- TSA Board of Directors

Texas Society of Architects/AIA hosted their annual meeting in Galveston and toured several homes in Beachtown designed by world-renown architects.

A huge thank you to those that participated and to the homeowners that opened their homes for the tour.

" It went really well .... Thank you for your support. The architects were incredibly interested in everything you were try to achieve at Beachtown. Architects are a tough crowd and everyone seemed very enthusiastic." - Michael Imber, Architect

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