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Lets Welcome our New Homeowners !

We are delighted to welcome our newest residents to Beachtown! We want to thank the homeowners that have joined our family and add to Beachtown, a community for the generations. With the gently lapping waves and Beachtowns' Town Center only a stroll away, you are now part of a community that embraces quality time by connecting to the outdoor realm. Enjoy the onsite restaurant Porch Café for all your families special occasions with only steps away from your home. We hope that your journey here brings you bliss and blessings as you create new memories in your new home.

We would like to welcome the newest members :




George & Susie

Tommy & Dot

Tom & Lynn

Mark & Kindel

Ba & Gwendolyn

Bob & Sally

TJ & Margaret

Ryan & Debbie

Dean & Dale

Greg & Valentina

Harry & Lois

Jordan & Dylan

Rick & Jessica

Don & Suzzie

We encourage everyone to visit our Town News page on our website for updates on events and

current news.

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