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Let Porch café be your destination to celebrate the upcoming holidays. Review our thanksgiving menu on the Porch Cafe website. Click here to learn more. 


Texas Society of Architects/AIA will host their annual meeting in Galveston and will be touring several homes in Beachtown designed by world-renown architec


Let Porch café be your destination to celebrate Mother’s Day as we will be offering a coastal brunch that overlooks an unmatched setting. The celebration will continue during the Galveston Historical Foundation weekend, May 4-5th & May 11-12th . After touring Galveston’s Historical wonders, complete your experience and further indulge Galveston’s architectural heritage in Porch Café, located in Beachtown. Sit our website to learn more.


Beachtown's annual Easter egg hunt invites Beachtown's resident children and their family members to take part in for a lovely Sunday morning Easter egg hunt. Beachtown Creamery will be ready  to host the children of Beachtown after the egg hunt to enjoy an assortment of ice cream flavors. The Porch Cafe will be serving a special menu for those that would like to join before or after participating in the fun activity. Come and bring the family for a special day where children and parents can delight in, here at Beachtown! 

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The Beachtown community came together on a Saturday afternoon to enjoy refreshments and a delicious meal provided by Porch Cafe. Throughout the day, homeowners created new bonds through conversations, games, and dining.We enjoyed for all those that came and missed those that were unable to make it. Click on the thumbnail for additional photos from the homeowner gathering. 

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